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A-one Rent A Car, may rent to drivers under 21 years of age in special circumstances. Drivers who live in USA, and have their own auto insurance policy in his or her own name, should verify with their insurance company, if the Liability, Comprehensive and collision portion of that policy transfers and covers rental vehicle. This could be done with the form"Certificate of Liability Insurance", which could be issued by your insurance Company.

International drivers under 21 years of age, should have clean driving record and contact us for more information . 

Additional under age surcharge will apply (see the rates tab for detail). We would consider each case on individual bases, based on the driving record,  length of the rental and its own merits.

This is applicable for rental of one week or more, due to the time needed to process and verify the  information of the underage renter.


Please call us at (310) 410-1414 For detail and more information. 


For more Information call 1(800) 811-A-ONE or 1(310) 410-1414
Fax 1(310) 410-1415. If you have any questions, please send E-mail to: ask@aonerentacar.com
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